Flash Wireless

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Sim for Verizon / America's Largest Most Reliable Network (Flashvzw)
  • This sim is a one size fits all - you break out the size of sim needed
  • Price is per sim card
Sim for the Nationwide Sprint 4G LTE Network (flashspr)
  • This sim is device specific - you must enter your device model in the box, we are not responsible if you list the wrong device. Example an iPhone 5 sim card WILL NOT work in a 5S or 5C if you are unsure of your device model give us a call and we can help you order the correct sim.
  • Price is per sim card
Sim card tool (sim tool)
Tired of looking for a paperclip to open the sim card tray on your phone? Grab one of our sim card tools that makes it a breeze to open the sim card tray on pretty much any phone!
USPS Express Mail Upgrade
Add this to your cart along with your phones to get your shipping upgraded to USPS Express mail which is 1-2 day shipping and includes Saturday Delivery.
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